How to start affiliate marketing with no money?

Yahoo, Twitter, and Instagram are three of the best free sites for affiliate marketing. But let’s take a look at how you can use these tools to build a broad organic reach to get people to see and hopefully click on your affiliate deals.

Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

One of the easiest ways to get involved with affiliate marketing is to do it on Facebook, and here’s why…

You will have 5000 followers on Facebook, which means you have a free audience of 5000 users with whom you can start affiliating. You’re not going to email them or give them affiliate links in their inbox. You’ll establish relationships with those individuals and provide them with respect.

Note, Facebook is a social networking site, so by following the plan I’ll outline, you’ll be giving Facebook exactly what they want. You’ll be developing networks, and you’ll be awarded organic traffic as a result. This is the most natural approach I can think of for winning affiliate customers – after all, isn’t that what the term “organic” means?

So, Here’s the 4-Step Process…

Create a Profile

Build a Facebook profile if you don’t already have one (I am talking about a personal profile, not a business page).

Build Meaningful Connections

After that, you’ll concentrate on forming relationships with individuals who will profit from your affiliate deals. Searching for individuals in your niche is the best way to do so. For eg, if I were an affiliate for my affiliate marketing course, I would search Facebook groups for “affiliate marketing,” “online marketing,” “internet marketing,” or “make money online.” Become a member of the strongest communities you come across (the ones with a lot of people in them and a lot of interaction). Aim to introduce 50-100 new personal friends every day (it’s better than it sounds). The most critical aspect of this approach is that it allows you to include people as friends while also allowing you to be seen as an authority figure by your commitment and connection. The relationships you build here will help you excel in the next step of the process.

Post Value Consistently

Then, on your Facebook page, you’ll want to write daily. Consistently means at least once a day, although I’d prefer 2-3 times a day. Make sure you’re sharing important details with your Facebook buddies. This may include fascinating information about making money online or something else that will help you develop yourself as an expert in your profession.

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Promote Affiliate Offers

Promote an affiliate deal for every 2-5 useful articles you publish. This is where you can see whether you’ve done anything correctly so far because affiliate posts can seem to spam me to people if they aren’t preceded by the development of relationships and authority. If you’ve completed the other steps right, this move will act as a charm because it will look normal to your Facebook mates.

He tells a story, provides his affiliate connection, and poses a question, as you can see.

And as you can see, he’s gotten a lot of good reviews from people who are interested in his deal.

There aren’t unexpectedly curious people. They are people, who are familiar with him, have seen him post regularly in groups and on his page, and have most definitely connected with him there.

He’s already established a network – which can be accomplished in a matter of weeks or months – so that when he makes an associate deal, it only works for him because he’s already done the networking to build the partnership and establish himself as a kind of authority in that space.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

 My absolute preference is YouTube affiliate marketing. It’s such a great forum that I can make a video now and make money off of it years later. It’s also free because YouTube hosts and handles everything. To become a You Tuber, what you need is a phone or laptop that can film video.

As an associate, you must produce the right types of YouTube content. You’ll fail to make affiliate commissions if you only make a lot of YouTube videos about obscure topics. Affiliates who excel on YouTube usually make very unique content, such as ratings, demonstrations, and tutorials. So, let’s presume I sign up to be a Click Funnels affiliate. When I check for “Click funnels Review” on YouTube, I get a list of all the videos that people have made. If you look at the descriptions, you’ll find that they have affiliate ties, and if you look at the images, you’ll notice that they direct viewers to the summary to access the affiliate links. This individual has also given discounts to everyone who purchases through his connection…

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Here are a few cool tips that you can use to help you find the right content to make reviews about:

  1. Review What You Love –Finding things you currently use and writing posts for them is the simplest thing to do. I think that if you want a market, you are at least very familiar with it and that you use apps and products related to it. Simply go ahead and write reviews for the goods you already own.
  2.  Uber Suggest – Neil Patel is the developer of this free application. It creates a list of keyword tips that can be used as material for your videos. If you type in Click Funnels, for example, one of the options that appear is “Click Funnels pricing.” It’s a perfect keyword to make a video for and if someone types that into Google, you know they’re looking to buy Click Funnels. You can also see how many people are looking for that word. In this example, we can see that 5400 users per month are attempting to decipher the Click Funnels price scheme, which can be perplexing. All you have to do is make a video about it and include your affiliate connection in the introduction, and you’ll be good to go. So, while affiliate marketing on YouTube is great, it’s important to bear in mind that not every video can rank or earn money. You must be patient to release a large number of videos over time, and then some videos will do better than others.

 Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Another fantastic way to do affiliate ads without spending any money is to use Instagram. You should realize straight away that Instagram is more about creating a following before making affiliate deals. We can create an audience on YouTube when making partner deals, but Instagram is much like Facebook in that you must first build an audience. Picking a niche, blogging, using related hash tags, and doing all of the basic stuff is how you create a following on Instagram. To be frank, I firmly urge you to purchase a course like this one for $10 so that you can begin succeeding with Instagram right away, but you are not required to do so.

Here’s how affiliate marketing on Instagram works…

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Build an Audience

To create a limited following, be persistent in posting on Instagram and using hashtags and other related techniques. On Instagram, this is very easy (a lot easier than on other platforms).

Affiliate Link in Description

And, just like this, you’ll have your affiliate connection in the overview…

Make Posts That Point to the Link

The next step is to create posts that have an affiliation connection. You may, for example, do the following:

Free training for making money online. Link in the description

Promote Your Link on Instagram Stories

You can also encourage it through your Instagram posts. Simply open your phone and tell your followers a story. E.g., if your specialty is weight loss, you might say, “Hey guys, I’ve got a fantastic deal for you!” This guy is doing a pretty fun competition where you can lose 50 pounds in 50 days. There’s a link in my description; just click on it and go.”

Giving the followers what they want is the whole point of Instagram, and they’ll respect you for it. Be yourself and display personality in your posts because that is what will make you stand out and what will encourage people to interact with you. When you do so first, you’ll be able to naturally slip in any discounts, which won’t seem like deals to your audience.

2 Keys That Allow You to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Successful affiliate marketers also learned the two keys of time and quality. Any of the three methods mentioned above takes time. If you don’t have any money, the only thing you need is time. It will take time for you to be consistent with whatever medium you want, however it is entirely possible.

This is how any affiliate marketer began. They didn’t have any capital, so they used the methods I mentioned above. They stayed the course, gave it time, and are now reaping the benefits.

You will recycle some of the revenue you earn from affiliate marketing into paid tactics like advertising and buying devices like speakers, laptops, and cameras until you start making money. But for the time being, just get out there and use one of these no-cost affiliate marketing methods.

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