How to change User name in of WordPress Admin

While creating a WordPress-based website we receive “Admin” as the default username. This username is displayed at every post we create. Sometimes site owners want to show their name or any other name in place of “Admin”.

By default, the username field is disabled on the user page of the admin panel

So, here are some ways to change the username.

Change username using Plugin

You can change the username by using plugins available on the WordPress plugin page, however for this very little task installing a plugin is not a good idea.

Change username without Plugin

You can change the username using some small steps mentioned below:

  • Access your website cPanel using the link mentioned below. (Chane “yourwebsitenamme” with your site name)


 login with Cpanel ID and Password Provided by hosting provider.

  • Go to Files Manager under files

  • Click on public_html

  • Now right-click and click edit “wp-config” file, find out the database name. For example in the below image database name is “databasename” (No need to do any action on this wp-config file, just copy or remember database name)

  • Now you need to visit MyPhpAdmin to change your username.

How to access phpMyAdmin

  • Click on phpMyAdmin under databases

Change WordPress username direct from phpMyAdmin

  • Search and click on users

  • Now double click and value under user_login to change the username

Congratulation You are done!

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