How I Started my first Website without technical Knowledge

Long back, I used to work as an offline marketer with an Insurance Company; things were going as normal as expected from traditional marketing methods. And there was no particular awareness about internet marketing; only some bunch of big companies or some futuristic people were into online businesses.

Then I came across one of my friends who was also trying to make money online using affiliate market places. He suggested me to sell insurance using online methods like website article and other social platforms.

But here was the biggest challenge of making a website. Being a non-IT person, it was almost not possible for me to create a website without knowledge. Since my friend was already involved in the same field, he suggested me to create a website on WORDPRESS; it was the first day I heard about wordpress.

For a website, you primarily need two resources, first domain name (Website name), second web hosting. Web hosting is a place where you keep your website files to make your website live.

Then I got to know two company names, Godaddy and Powweb; I bought a domain from Godaddy and purchased hosting from Powweb. Again My friend helped me in pointing the domain to my powweb hosting account.

For all domain you buy from any domain seller, you need to point that to your server by placing Nameserver as provided by the hosting company. Nameserver fields can be found in the DNS tab under the domain setting.

Installing wordpress is not a big game nowadays; after pointing your domain to the host, you need to wait for some time to get it propagated; propagation might take 30 minutes to max 24 hours; 24 hours is the rarest case.

How to install WordPress

Once everything is done, you need to open cPanel using the link, Just after pressing enter screen will ask for username and password as provided by the hosting provider

Below are some steps to create a MySQL database 

Once you are done with login, just search for “MySQL® Databases.”

  1. Under “Create New Database”, enter the desired database name as per your choice and hit “Create Database.”
  2. Once the database base is created, you need to create a username for this database
  3. Under “MySQL Users Add New User”, enter the username as per your choice 
  4. Then you need to set a password for this username in “Password” and “Password (again)”, you can also get a very secure password using “Password Generator.”
  5. Just hit create, and you are done with database creation.
  6. Now you need Add User To Database; go a little below and find “Add User To Database”, select the database and user as you entered in the above steps and press “Add.”

Just search for “site software” in the cPanel under “Software” taband click on that, once you clicked on that you will find wordpress option as mentioned below

Below are some steps to install wordpress

  1. Search and click on “Site Software” in cPanel
  2. Go to the “Install” tab.
  3. Select your domain under “Installation URL:”
  4. “Enter Admin” as per your choice
  5. Enter Password under Admin Password and Admin Password (Again)
  6. Type “Blog name.”
  7. Enter “Blog description.”
  8. keep it as it is if “Table Prefix” if not required
  9. Choose the database name which you created in “MySQL Database.”
  10. Hit on “Install” and wait for some time
  11. All Done!!! I just got to your site and started blogging

wordpress site setup

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