Benefits of SSD Web Hosting

SSD Speed and Difference between SSDs and HDDs? 


SSD (Solid-state drives) and HDD (Hard Disk Drives) are very similar in their physical appearance. SSD is very lightweight than HDD; SSD is based on a different technology called NAND. Nand is used for Flash Drive and Pen drives. Just because of that, today’s pen drives are faster than old ones. SSD response time is all-time higher than HDD. SSD is replacing traditional HDD (Hard-Disc); SSD provided 100 times Processing speed than HDD, SSD can quickly multiply your site’s speed.

Durability of SSD

The resistance and durability of SSD are very high. Inside of SSD and HDD are built with different hardware, in HDD there are many cases of being dead in a shallow jerk, in drop test HDD damage chances in 90% Higher than SSD. Not only in drop case, but SSD also does not unresponsive in any other cases. 

Conclusion: SSDs are more reliable than HDD.

SSDs Impacts on Website and web applications

SSD based web servers are now high in demand due to their speed and reliability. Now almost all web hosting companies are moving to SSD-based hardware. SSD Provides 35 to 100 Micro-seconds process speed, and it is around 100 times faster than HDDs. It can boost Website and Web application’s speed by many folds. It decreases loading time dramatically.

Efficiency and reliability

SSD is based on flash memory to store data; SSD is equipped with very lightweight hardware and does not contain any moving part inside it, making it low power consuming.

SSD Installation

There is no change in installing SSD; it is just like the previous HDD and does not require any technical or hardware knowledge.

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