About Harish and AltControlDel.com

Hello Friends!

I am Harish, working as a full-time online marketer for the last 12 year; computer and technology are just like Oxygen for me.

My primary reason to be in the online business is my love for the tech world; earning money is a secondary thing.

In the last 12 year, I have tested more than 500 Paid and free WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, Web Hosting and Other PHP Scripts.

AltControldel.com is started with the motto of sharing my knowledge about WordPress and Other technology. Also, I will provide reviews on paid products like PHP Scripts, Hosting Services, and WordPress themes & plugins to make your decision more precise.

As I mentioned, I have tested many Hosting companies, PHP Script, WordPress themes, and plugging during my experience, help my audience start their business quickly by saving their precious time. 

At AltControldel.com, we are committed to providing you best in class reviews of products; We love to test premium or paid products. Be it Website Tools, Digital Marketing tools, Software, CRM and many more; we are always ready to provide the best product solution. Here we offer you in-depth knowledge about the product to help you make a wise decision. Alt Ctr Del is a team of digital thinker in this industry due to their intense love for technology. We always take care of the product’s actual review without any influence. Moreover, we always try to deliver our content to the reader in short to save their valuable time. 

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